These are the before and after photos of David and Margaret Leo's bathroom. This is one of many projects done at the Leo residence by P&R. I created this New York Deco look for them.

Residential Projects
Out with the OLD.....
...In with my DREAM KITCHEN...
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Dwane Craig's residence after the ice storm
Mr. Craig travels to the Oreint often and he enjoys entertaing his friends  from the East when they vist with his cooking skills.
Theres nothing more serrine than a water fall to complement a 2' soaker bath tub with it's own water fall faucet.

The cabinets in this photo are what we call stock cabinetry.But if you look at the extra details we added with the trim you would think they whrore  custom cabinets
Donna Smith's Renovations Natual Slate
SORRY FOR THE FLASH BACK    As you can see mirros are deceiving it was diffulcult to get a good picture of this beautiful corner vanity with it's water fall faucet and top bowl sink